Our Story

An industrial worksite or project is a complicated and constantly changing work environment. Achieving the best outcome within these environments requires the coordination of many factors.

Workplace signage is an integral piece within these evolving environments.

Accurate, clear, and well-placed signage when installed and used properly on commercial or industrial sites, ensures workplace safety, provides essential information and helps achieve operational efficiencies.

Advanced Laser Signs, with their small yet important contribution to each of their customers projects, strive to provide signage that enables each of their clients to maintain a safe, productive and orderly working environment.


In 2000, two engineering colleagues created Advanced Laser Signs after spending considerable time on a number of inadequately signed and often unsafe worksites. Collectively recognising a natural need for high quality signage that is produced on time and with genuine care, this mission remains the motivating factor and continued desire to meet customer’s needs.

Since then Advanced Laser Signs has printed, etched, and engraved signage for hundreds of worksites, along with providing signage for many other applications across Australia.

In an industry that can at times be impersonal, Advanced Laser Signs genuinely care. This is the approach that stems directly from the co-founder’s on-site experience to such working environments and enables an insight as to the quality products, speedy and flexible service needed to meet expectations.

Their business culture is underpinned by a commitment to provide all clients, and all contracts with the same attention to detail, by always delivering a high-quality signage supported by best of class standard customer service. As a direct result of this focus on customer service, Advanced Laser Signs enjoys long-term client relationships, with customers coming back for innovative signage solutions time and time again, in what can otherwise be a cost focused and competitive industry.