Products & Capabilities

Front and Rear Laser Engraving

Front Engraved

This product is available in the following thicknesses:

This format of engraving involves engraving through the top surface colour, leaving the base colour for image and/or text highlight. Therefore, presenting a two-tone colour format.

Available in matt/gloss/textured finishes.

We only use UV stabilised materials, and can therefore be utilised in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Rear Engraved

Reverse or rear engraving is by using a material with a transparent acrylic facia, and a coloured coating on the reverse side. By reverse (mirror image) engraving into the coloured layer the clear layer is exposed to the text/image which can be either infilled with the desired choice of acrylic paint or backlit for an effective contrast. An additional feature of the reverse material is the third backing black layer to enhance the depth of colour.

This format of product has an increased hard wearing ability, and can have a variety of colours. Due to the smooth finish, the reverse engraved format does not allow foreign particles to build up, which creates a further improvement in the long term durability and readability.

Laser Cutting

Shape Laser Cut Acrylic and Wood

We can laser cut and engrave both clear and coloured acrylics of various thickness to your design.

Logos, fonts and symbols are effective for reception areas, bulkheads, fascia’s or exterior walls. Use them as an architectural feature for identifying areas and directing traffic.

You may have specialist projects that require bespoke shapes cut from your computer files


Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium

Our Laser machines can engrave or mark all types of metals including stainless steel, aluminium, tool steel, brass, titanium, and much more, creating a variety of marking finishes and options.

Metal is the perfect substrate to place a permanent, high quality and aesthetic brand or mark. While offering an abrasive, heat and acid resistant product for a long lasting finish.

Stainless steel and anodized aluminium work especially well.

We can also mark on other coatings; these finishes create a fantastic multi toned look on your products. The ability of the laser to use variable speed and power settings, allows for an extensive scope of image.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Using the world’s most sophisticated UV digital flatbed printers, we have the scope and ability to print on a broad array of substrates of various thickness and shapes. With the ability to bring together both UV printing, laser cutting and engraving, this high definition colour printing allows us to manufacture a refined and unique signage product or solution that will further improve the quality of your project product or task.

Specialised Products

Regardless of your products material composition or surface finish, we will generally be able to mark your required information – text and icons, machine readable codes, serial numbers, graphics thereby leaving a permanent and professional mark.

Switch Plates

By utilizing UV printing and laser marking or both if necessary, electrical switch plates and power points can be presented with a code, description or image to provide a professional or themed product.

Foam Cutting and Marking

Foam designed, cut and marked offers a safe and professional support nest for tools, equipment and instruments that are fitted and housed within transportable cases, enclosures or cabinets. These inlays are constructed using high density durable foams.


High quality expensive tools and professional equipment are able to be permanently marked to protect your investment from theft, misplacement. Or purely to impress!